About noteCounselor

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About noteCounselor



noteCounselor is an affordable, secure database that provides efficient management of counseling notes.

A user-friendly interface and a robust suite of reports that track your time, demonstrate the services you provide

and provide you with easy access to your counseling history.  An essential tool for school counselors, noteCounselor

is currently used by over 10,000 professionals worldwide.


noteCounselorweb is an online application that is accessible from any computer or mobile device. No special software

is required. You do not need to install noteCounselorweb onto your computer.


noteCounselor is FERPA compliant. noteCounselorweb is a sole possession note taking system.  They are not

a part of a student's educational record. It is a memory aide to increase your effectiveness.  You are in control

of how brief or how detailed your notes should be.


noteCounselorweb is protected with an SSL Certificate. All information that is transmitted to and from

noteCounselorweb is encrypted to keep third parties from seeing your information.  noteCouselorweb is scanned

every day to check for hackers, malware and spyware. This ensures that no one will be able to view your information

or infect your computer.

noteCounselorweb is located on a secure virtual private server that is regularly backed up. noteCounselorweb

does not share server space or network space.  In addition, you can export your notes into a table at any time.

This will allow you to keep your own back-ups as well.