Add direct services and counseling notes

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Add direct services and counseling notes



Click COUNSELING NOTES from the Counselor Dashboard.




Place your cursor inside the "Search Student" Field.


Click the "ADD COUNSELING NOTES" button.



Your students' names will be populated in alphabetical order.

You can begin typing a name to narrow your search.

Click the box next to one or more names.

You can search for additional students by placing the cursor back in the the "Select Students" field.

Move the cursor away from the "Select Students" field when you are finished selecting names.




Select your Direct Service Code from the drop down menu, or begin typing the code.

Enter the date.

Enter the time of day. Note that the Time field refers to the time of day. This can be a block number, a physical time, a class name or anything else that you like.

Enter the number of minutes in which your session lasted. If you have selected multiple students, this number will be divided equally among the students.

Note that the following fields are required: Student, Codes, Date, and Minutes. The other fields are optional.

The Details field is where you write your counseling notes. This can be done at your own discretion.

If multiple students are selected, the text in the Details field will be saved for all the selected students.

You must click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of this screen to save your note.


Optional: Follow-Up Notes


If you would like to designate a student for Follow-Up, click the Follow-Up box.

Additionally you can type follow-up notes for yourself. The Follow-Up notes will appear on your Follow-Up screen.

For more information about the Follow-Up feature, see this Help topic.