Add notes about indirect services

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Add notes about indirect services


Select the INDIRECT NOTES Button from the Counselor Dashboard





Click on the "ADD INDIRECT SERVICES" button.



Type Your Indirect Notes Into the Indirect Notes Form


These fields are required: Activities, Date, and Minutes. The other fields are optional.

Note that the Time field refers to the time of day. This can be a block number, a physical time, a class name or anything else that you like.

The Notes field is where you describe your Indirect Service Activity.

Optional: Connect your Indirect Activity to a Student


Sometimes you may want an Indirect Service Activity to also appear on your Individual Counseling Notes for a particular student.

This button gives you the option to copy the details of your Indirect Service to the Counseling Notes section of a student.

This option will not copy the Minutes spent to the student's Counseling Notes.

Therefore you can still differentiate between the time you spend on Direct Services and Indirect Services.