Import a list of students

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Import a list of students


This is useful when you want to add a long list of students at the beginning of the school year, or when you first start using noteCounselor.

Create a list of students.


Generate a list of your students from your school's database system, or ask someone to create one for you. It can be in any format you choose as long as it is a list. You can use any program to copy from. You choose if you want first-name-first or first-name-last.

Select all the names and copy them. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL+C. Or right click and select "Copy" from the keyboard shortcut menu.


Open the "Import Students" from the Counselor Dashboard





Paste the Names


Click inside the white box. Paste the names by typing CTRL+V.

Or right click inside the white box, then select PASTE from the shortcut menu that will appear.

Click "Import Students."