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noteCounselor is a private limited company located in central Virginia. It is owned and operated by Mandy Chambers, a school counselor.

noteCounselor was created for personal use by Mandy in 2004 as a way to track her counseling notes electronically. Interest in this database system grew organically, beginning with colleagues and spreading quickly through graduate programs and professional organizations.

In 2007 noteCounselor officially went into business due to high demand. At that time, the noteCounselor desktop application became a standard among school counselors in most of Virginia and beyond. noteCounselor evolved into an online web application in 2012.

Although noteCounselor is managed by Mandy, she continues to work as a full time school counselor. She uses the program daily and understands the unique needs of school counselors. noteCounselor's online platform allows Mandy to continually adapt the program to meet the current needs of school counselors.