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Our Founder

noteCounselor was created for personal use by Mandy in 2004 as a way to track her counseling notes electronically.
Interest in this database system grew organically,
beginning with colleagues and spreading quickly through graduate programs and professional organizations.
Mandy Lancaster
Founder of noteCounselor

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What Our Clients Say

noteCounselor has been such a
helpful tool for our school counselors
Not only are we able to keep our casenotes organized, we have been able to pull data and use it to advocate for what our school communities need.
Thanks to noteCounselor, we have been able to bring in more community partners, services, and resources to our district.
Julieta Flores School Counselor, California
noteCounselor is extremely easy to use! I love that
I can tailor the indirect/direct codes to fit exactly what I do at my school, and having multiple ways to look at the data is VERY helpful when admin asks for it or when I need to look something up! This is honestly the best, easiest way to keep track of what is going on with my students and who I see each day- I couldn't work without it!
Rebecca Fletcher School Counselor, Virginia
I have been using noteCounselor for over 10 years, and I have recommended it to many other school counselors
I love that it helps me stay organized and keep track of my work with students.
The reports help me keep my direct service time on target with what school counselors should be doing.
Katie Akinli School Counselor, North Carolina
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